John Sgammato

> In FM8, is there a convenient way to rename a paragraph 
> format throughout a book? 
> For example, I want to rename Heading 1 to Heading1. I can do 
> it in one chapter, but importing the file across the book 
> simply adds the new format, while leaving the other in place. 

I haven't seen FM8 -- I assume the Paragraph Designer's Global Update
still work only at the file level. There are several plug-ins that would
make short work of this, but you can get most of the way there with a
book-level Find/Replace (after importing the new pgf format to all files
in the book): 

1) Put the cursor in a Heading1 pgf and select Edit > Copy Special >
Paragraph Format. 

2) Select Edit > Find/Change (Ctrl+F). 

3) For Find, select Paragraph Tag and to the right enter Heading 1. For
Change, select By Pasting. Set Look In to Book.

4) Click Find and verify that it found a Heading 1 pgf. Click Change and
verify that the format was changed to Heading1. 

5) Click Change & Find a few times until you're comfortable that it's
working as intended. Then click Change All. 

Of course, the Heading 1 format remains in the catalog of all files, but
it's no longer applied to anything. You can delete the format itself at
your leisure as you work on the files.


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