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>I have to publish a HUGE flowchart for a customer that has several
>levels of data within each square. In order to fit the entire chart on
>one page (and have the text larger than 6 pt), I want to only display
>one or two levels of data and then use hypertext commands (probably
>popup menus, even though the menu options won't lead the user anywhere;
>they'll just display the next level of data) to allow the user to click
>an item and show the rest of the data that falls below that item.
>I have the hypertext command working in FrameMaker (I can
>Ctrl-Alt-right-click the text flow and see the next level of data in a
>popup menu), but nothing's happening in the PDF. (Yes, I'm generating
>Acrobat data when I create the PS file.) So, what am I missing? And why
>do I have to right-click instead of left-click like usual to test the
>AND does anyone have a better way to go about this than hypertext
>commands? I'm all ears.
>I'm using FrameMaker 7.2 on Windows, unstructured for now but can go
>structured if necessary.

FrameMaker does not export the functionality you are interested in to PDF 
(or to other online formats); these hypertext commands only work in 
FrameMaker (view-only documents or with Control-Alt-click).

If the content is relatively stable, you may try placing the the additional 
information in a PDF file using Acrobat Professional. Sample files 
demonstrating PDF options are available at:

(Display additional information without switching to a different page/file)

(Use popup menus to display additional, context-related choices)

All of the samples were authored entirely in FrameMaker and distilled with 
the FrameMaker-to-Acrobat TimeSavers add-on (or its extensions), with no 
post-creation operations in Acrobat; however, for stable content you may 
also add these items in the PDF manually.

Shlomo Perets

MicroType, * ToolbarPlus Express for FrameMaker
FrameMaker/Acrobat training & consulting * FrameMaker-to-Acrobat 

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