Wow. And I thought that _I_ had been using Frame for a long time... what 
version were they using then?



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Graeme R Forbes wrote:
> It seems that our history goes back further than you thought. From 
> David Lyons' coffee-table book "Scotland", p. 184, reproduced as 
> printed, but for the elisions:
> ...the event which most shaped Highlanders were the Highland 
> Clearances, which started in the late 18th and continued into the 
> early 19th century...this was when ambitious landowners cleared the 
> land of people in favor of sheep farming...the upshot was that 
> thousands of poor framers...were thrown off their ancestral lands or 
> out of their townships to fend for themselves with little or no 
> resources to help them.
> Tout ca change, if you're on a Mac.
> Graeme Forbes
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