Leximation and Silicon Publishing today announced the release of
DITA-FMx, a plugin for Adobe FrameMaker that provides extended support
for the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA).

DITA-FMx is a plugin and set of structure applications that let you
create and edit DITA XML files in FrameMaker. The version currently
available supports DITA 1.0 and is only available for FrameMaker 7.2. A
version that supports DITA 1.1 for FrameMaker 7.2 and 8.0 is under

DITA-FMx supports fundamental DITA behavior such as ditamaps,
relationship tables, and conrefs, through an intuitive user interface
with context-sensitive help.

This release of DITA-FMx is provided at no cost, and can be downloaded
from http://www.leximation.com/dita-fmx

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