Hi Marcus,

The new EDD is done, and it works.

The only thing I can't seem to produce is what I'm asking for help on.


At 07:46 22/08/2007, Marcus Carr wrote:

>Hi Joanna,
>Joanna wrote:
>>Been working with Frame for donkey's, but am working for the first
>>time with the structured version. A few days ago I launched into
>>redoing the company's EDD, to make the documents more user-friendly
>>and to create US/RestOfTheWorld-printable pages. In that vein I've
>>added the heading Contents to the ToC, and created a list of figures
>>and a list of tables.
>>I'm beginning to realise that a lot depends on the EDD I inherited,
>>but any help would be much appreciated.
>Before you launch into changing the EDD, please check with your colleagues 
>to see who created the existing ones and whether there there are any 
>dependencies between the publishing and say, back-end systems. If the data 
>is being generated by another process, making changes could potentially 
>break your system. It's incomplete to think of an EDD as just a tool in 
>the publishing process - it is also a link to the structure of the 
>document, which is something that you may not want to mess with.
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