Rick Quatro wrote:

> I have a MIF question. I have a book file where the client 
> wants a single MIF file for the entire book. My first thought 
> was to combine the book components into a single FM file and 
> save the result as MIF. The problem is different master pages 
> applied to different pages, etc. Any ideas would be 
> appreciated. Thanks.

I think you're right -- the MIF part is almost beside the point; they
want a single FrameMaker file for an entire book. That's not generally a
very good idea. In addition to master pages, there could be numbering
and doc property issues. Not to mention the file size. 

I'd look into _why_ they think they need a single MIF file and look for
alternatives that achieve their goal.

Otherwise, I think you have to go with your first thought and address
the issues that arise. Master page mapping could deal with that issue
(although it would probably mean greatly expanding the pgf catalog). 

I'm glad I don't have to do it. :-)


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