I have used Klaus's code successfully to amend the templates for individual
files contained in a Framemaker book. After generating the file into PDF,
the code shows the DocTitle I entered in the File Info section in

If I use the File Info/Title feature in the Book file, the DocTitle displays
in the Acrobat Title Bar, without using any PDFMark code. Indeed, I don't
know where I would put it!

I am glad I understand PostScript better by using this approach. Thanks,
Klaus! I also learned one nice reason to use the File Info option in the
Frame File menu, with a PDF product as the output.

However, I wonder if William could have gotten his desired outcome without
entering a PDFMark statement into a Frame document at all. Wouldn't he have
gotten what he needed by using the "File Info" feature in Framemaker alone,
and then distilling a PDF file from it, as I discovered when I used this
option on the book.book file?

My question now is, is there a way to use the PDFMark code I added to each
file template, where the DocTitle parameter contains the book name (User
Guide):Chapter name (Getting Started), in a sequential display in the
Acrobat Title Bar, once I generate the book?

Or, to display this Book name:Chapter name information in the Acrobat Title
Bar, must I distill each Framemaker file separately (whether I use the File
Info option by itself or along with the PDFMark statement Klaus showed us),
and then, using Adobe Acrobat, Insert each PDF file in order into one
"Master" PDF file (e.g., Frontmatter.pdf) to create one PDF file of the
entire Frame Book?

Thanks in advance,

Valerie Lipow
vallipow at gmail.com

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