The network configuration is also a likely suspect -- the permissions
must be set so both writers, FM, and the AV program can live together,
and that usually takes some juggling at the admin level (to correct
this when it happens -- it isn't normal to have this happen on a
networked system).


On 8/29/07, Steve Rickaby <srickaby at> wrote:
> At 15:58 -0400 27/8/07, Nina Rogers wrote:
> >My coworker has a book saved out on a network. I'm working in the same
> >version of Frame and keep getting this message when I try to save my
> >work:
> >
> >"The document was saved to a temporary file, but FM can't rename it to
> >have the correct name. The newer version has an odd suffix".
> >
> >The document is not read-only and we don't have network locking enabled.
> >We are both in Version 7.2. (Actually Version 7.2p158)
> The only time I have seen this message - and I see it quite a lot - it's been 
> due to the activities of antivirus software. In your case, on the server. Ask 
> your server admin whether:
> . They are using AV software
> . If yes, the AV software has been recently upgraded
> What seems to cause this message is that during the save process, FrameMaker 
> creates a temporary file in the same directory but with a hexadecimal file 
> extent, and saves to that. On completing the save, it tries to delete the 
> original .fm file and then rename the hex file to the same name as the .fm 
> file, but the AV software interferes with this process. However, this cannot 
> be the entire explanation, because usually with this message FrameMaker also 
> creates a message to say that the file has actually been saved, and indeed 
> although I have rashes of these messages when I forget to turn my AV software 
> off, I've never lost work through them.
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