And did you miss the bit on their website that offers the product to download 
for evaluation? That's the FULL product, with only the output crippled.

I've used it previously and other than the fact that it relies (relied?) on 
Word as the print output, and the limitations that brings to long documents, it 
was pretty good. From memory we had a 250 page manual that it dealt with quite 
happily. And, of course, you can spit out XML (it stores content in an SQL DB 
(or local JET db)) and refactor that if required.

If you have the time, download it and try it.

For a one team single source solution, it's worth a look. 



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I have 3 potential customers who are rejecting FrameMaker in favor of AuthorIt. 
All 3 accounts are in e_Learning. Does anyone have an experienced opinion on 
what areas AuthorIt may have any advantages over FrameMaker?

I want to make sure that these accounts are making an informed opinion. I have 
gone over AuthorIt's website fairly thoroughly, and a comparison with 
FrameMaker is not obvious, based on their data.

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