It's been a while since I messed with .BAT, but... Perhaps adding a master path 
and /s to catch the subdirectories would do the trick:
   @echo off
 echo Deleting the following files from the current directory:
 cd [MainPathForFMfiles]
   dir *.backup.* *.lck /s
 del *.backup.* *.lck /s

  Rene Stephenson

Syed Zaeem Hosain <Syed.Hosain at> wrote:
  Hi, Mike.

Mike Wickham wrote:
>> Put the following into a file (named with extension .BAT):
>> @echo off
>> echo.
>> echo Deleting the following files from the current directory:
>> dir *.backup.* *.lck
>> echo.
>> del *.backup.* *.lck
>> and that will do the trick when you execute the batch program in a
>> DOS window or from the Run command line.
> Even easier, put a shortcut to the batch file on your desktop or 
> elsewhere, and click on it to run it.

Uh ... I think that is not gonna work too well, if you are in the wrong
directory (your desktop?) when you run it. In fact, I think my previous
advice to use the Run command line has the same problem! Oops.

So, best to have it in a folder that is in your path and then execute it
from a DOS window in the correct directory.

As, also mentioned by others for the DEL command, if you want all backup
files in a directory tree removed, you can add the /S switch. What was
not mentioned is that you can add that switch to the DIR command too!

BTW, I would be very careful of the /S switch ... if you are in the wrong
folder. When I tried it from my C:\ root, it found some files that I would
not want deleted (without knowing what they were)!


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