What part(s) of the process are you looking to automate?
Some parts of the process depend on the OS, some on
FrameMaker, and some on Acrobat Distiller, so a solution
for comprehensive automation can get compicated.

As to watched folders, there's nothing particularly
complicated or mysterious as long as you have the
Professional version of Adobe Acrobat. (The Standard
edition and the bundled Distiller that comes with
FrameMaker do not support watched folders.) All you
need to do is create one or more folders at some
convenient location and designate them in Distiller as
watched folders. Distiller will automatically create In and
Out subfolders within each folder you designate. If
you want, you can attach a specific set of Distiller job
options for each different watched folder. Then to
use the watched folder, you just print your document
to a PostScript file within the In subdirectory. Assuming
that Distiller is running, it will periodically check each
watched folder's In subdirectory and distill any PS file
it finds, putting the PDF in the coresponding Out
subdirectory. You can generte a bunch of PS files and
then launch Distiller to do all the conversions in a batch,
or you can leave Distiller running in the background to
do the conversions as each book is printed to PS.
Easy peasy.

-Fred Ridder

>From: "Ed Lightle" <elightle at commandalkon.com>
>To: <framers at lists.frameusers.com>
>Subject: Auto-Generation of PDF's
>Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 15:57:32 -0500
>I am looking for a tool for automating the creation of PDF's from
>FrameMaker 7.0 books.  I work in Unstructured FrameMaker.  I also use
>WebWorks 9.2 to create Microsoft HTML Help.
>I can't find anything current on WebWorks AutoMap.  Is this product
>Also, should I just try to learn how to distill to "watched folders"
>using Acrobat?  If so, where do I go to learn how?
>Ed Lightle
>Sr. Technical Writer
>Command Alkon Inc.
>elightle at commandalkon.com
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