Well, to make F8 and F9 work you have to keep the Character Designer  
resp. Paragraph Designer closed -- that is what you would recommend  
to authors, don't you?

With FM8.0p266 I found Ctrl+1 and Ctrl+2 to be working as expected,  
but to be able to use Ctrl+3 (Change Element) you need to have the  
Element window closed.

Ctrl+4/5/6 are used to apply some/remove some/remove all conditions  
from a text, and they seem to be not affected, maybe because there is  
no non-modal associated window available.

At least there are work-arounds...

- Michael

Am 02.12.2007 um 17:20 schrieb Alan Houser:

> The FrameMaker 8 keyboard shortcut issue is particularly frustrating.
> It's not just F9; it's all of the ctrl/F[0-9] shortcuts (element
> operations, conditional text, variables, character and paragraph
> formats). Using these shortcuts can dramatically improve a writer's
> productivity using FrameMaker, and minimize reliance on the mouse.
> In FM8, the shortcuts "time out", at an apparently random interval.
> Often the shortcut time-out is almost immediate. These keyboard
> shortcuts are nearly unusable in FM8.
> I would also be interested in hearing whether anybody does _not_
> experience this problem with FrameMaker 8, or if there is a work- 
> around.
> -Alan
> Diane Gaskill wrote:
>> Hi Greg,
>> Yes, it was free. :-)  But they did not fix everything.  I still have
>> problems with my F9 key when trying to use keyboard shortcuts.   
>> the tag list
>> does not stay in the field as it should.   This is real problem  
>> because I
>> rely on the shortcuts for all kinds of things.  Not being able to  
>> use th F9
>> key is a real productivity slowdown.

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