Hi Mary,

FrameMaker can do this, and in fact, it is one of FrameMaker's great strengths 
in the structured content arena. Despite what it lacks in other XML features, 
it can do a bangup PDF from XML or SGML like no other tool, I think. Note, 
however, that you need to build the translation mechanism (the "structured 
application") to get the XML imported and properly formatted. For a short 
document, an expert might be able to pull this off in a few days, but if you've 
never done it before, the learning curve can last into the weeks or months.



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Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2007 13:21:11 -0600
From: Mary Holder <rholder2...@mchsi.com>
Subject: XML to PDF?
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Hello Framers,

Does anyone know if I can create a PDF from an XML file using 
FrameMaker? It's a relatively short document, but I haven't done this 
before so I'm not sure how to proceed--if, in fact, it can be done.


Mary Holder
The Roving TechWriter

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