Am 14.12.2007 um 22:06 schrieb Mike Wickham:

> Is anyone else seeing this? In FM8 Format> Document> Text Options,  
> I have
> "Allow Line Breaks After" set to forward slash, hyphen, en dash,  
> and em
> dash. I believe these are the default values. Lines break after a  
> slash or
> hyphen, but not after either em or en dashes. It has caused reflow in
> documents originally created in FM7.1.

It wasn't mentioned like this by Adobe, but FrameMaker 8 is the  
biggest change in FrameMaker versions since maybe version 4 to 5. The  
differences are still minor compared to what happens with other tools  
between versions...

When changing versions, everyone should be prepared to do some work  
with their templates, fonts, existing documents etc.

The problem you mention could be connected to an error when opening  
previous versions files. The original release had a problem with text  
in auto-numbers that contained non-ASCII characters which has been  
fixed with 8.0p266. Of course, that change applies only to documents  
opened with the latest release.

I tried your scenario with 8.p266 and there are no problems: The  
characters you mention are correctly changed from 7.2 \= and \m in  
FM8 to their "real" appearance: ? and ? (not seen in monospaced  
fonts) and work as advertised.

Could it be you either have the previous version or are looking at  
files which have been opened by the previous version?

- Michael

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