Hi Framers,

I'm using FrameMaker 7.2 with Acrobat 8. I create my PDFs using Save as PDF.
Two questions:

   - In this process, a .tps file (temporary PostScript file?) is
   created, but when the PDF is ready, the .tps file is still there. How can I
   make it go away automatically (using Frame 7.2)? It is removed
   automatically if I use FrameMaker 8.
   - I have selected "View PDF" in the Distiller Preferences and in the
   Adobe PDF printer settings, but the PDF is not displayed automatically. It
   does appear automatically if I use Frame 8.

Any ideas how I can make this work with Frame 7.2?

Thanks in advance.

Yves Barbion
Documentation Architect
Adobe-Certified FrameMaker Instructor
Scripto bvba

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