Hi Jerilynne

It's do-able but painful. I worked it out (with forum help :-) a while ago for 
preserving italics in courier font in xrefs. 

Basically, FM only preserves font family info in xrefs, so you have to fool it 
into thinking that the bold/italic/whatever form of the font is a separate font 
family. To do this, you put entries in the maker.ini file.

This was the process I took to get the italics in courier:

1. Close FM.

2. Back up maker.ini, then in the [WindowsToFrameFontAliases] section of 
maker.ini, replace this line:
Courier, Italic, *=Courier, Oblique, *, Regular
with this line:
Courier, Italic, *=CourierItalic, Oblique, *, Regular

This makes FM call the italics Courier font "CourierItalic".

3. Open FM. Define the character tag to use CourierItalic instead of Courier.

If different xrefs are supposed to be different fonts, you'd have to define 
separate xref formats for each font. You can't just specify 
italics/bold/whatever and leave the font name "as is". And if you're sharing FM 
documents, everyone has to make the same change.

Cheers, Rebecca

>>> "Jerilynne Knight" <jerilynne.knight at gmail.com> 18/12/07 09:00 >>>
Hello all and best wishes for an amazing holiday season

It has been a while since I used Frame so I was trying to remember....is
there a way to maintain the character tags in a cross reference. For
example, the source text has been neatly formatted with character tags to
emphasize the names of the menu options. When this text is cross referenced,
the character tag does not show up, although the text is correct, including
specially formatted areas. Am I forgetting something or is this impossible?

Thanks bunches for your help!


Jerilynne Knight
Simply Written, Inc.

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