Hi Grant,

In addition to the validation of cross-references during book updates  
there is another, not very well-known feature of FrameMaker to  
validate Hypertext links based on gotolink markers. The keyboard  
shortcut should be

Esc v h (presumably for: validate hypertext)

I guess it works, like the cross-reference checks, from file to file  
and does not take into account if a target document is part of the  
current book.

- Michael

Am 20.12.2007 um 17:25 schrieb Grant Hogarth:

> I've looked in the help and queried the archives, but have been unable
> to find the answer to the following:
> Is there a way to validate all the hypertext links in a book?  Not
> xrefs, but hyperlinks.
> I know that they can be validated on insertion, but I'm looking for
> something to run as a QA/QC function before generating a set of HTML
> files from the FM book.

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