Rick Quatro wrote:

> I am looking for a command line program that will allow me to set
> the modification date and time of a file.


A Google search for something like "file timestamp windows" will find hundreds 
of freeware Windows utilities for setting a file's timestamp arbitrarily... But 
if you just want to set a file's timestamp to the current time -- like the Unix 
"touch" command -- you can do it from the DOS command line with:

  copy /b FILENAME.EXT +,,

Microsoft suggests this batch file to make it even easier:

  @echo off
  if %1.==. goto end
  if not exist %1 goto end
  copy /b %1 +,, > nul
  echo %1 touched.

Save the file somewhere in your path as touch.bat, then just type:


to set FILENAME.EXT's timestamp.


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