OK, our chestnuts are pulled out of the fire, we have a way to 
control the FM8 situation. There is a doable workaround. Adobe has 
time to fix this hypertext problem of the relationship between the 
latest version of their FrameMaker and the latest versions of their 
Acrobat and Reader. Here's how to "Save as PDF" in FM8:

1.) For now, do not use any FM8-specific features such as UNICODE. 
They won't translate back into FM7.

2.) Re-install FM7 on your system, alongside FM8. They seem compatible.

3.) For the time being, whenever you desire to distill a Reader PDF 
file that preserves hypertext functionality, instead of "Save as 
PDF," save your FM8 document as a FM7 Maker Interchange Format 
Document, giving it a unique name. (Note: saving it as a FM7 .fm 
document will get you nothing but an error message; you need to save 
it as a FM7 .mif document.)

4.) Open your new FM7 .mif document with FM7 and then use "Save 
as..." to save it as a PDF.

5.) Open and edit your new PDF with the latest version of Acrobat Pro.

Here's an example to show that it can work. I just used the above 
workaround to create 

If you click on the button "RELIGIOUS SOCIETY OF FRIENDS" on page 3 
in the above URL, the functioning hypertext will take you properly to 
our http://www.kouroo.info/kouroo/trends/Quakerism/19thCentQuakerism1.pdf

Say thank you, Adobe.

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