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>Isn't it easier to create a paragraph tag for your Figure Titles? You
>can use Ctrl M to position them as you wish and save the new tag.

All of this assumes that there is a paragraph tag created for the captions,
separate from the one holding the anchored frame insertion. I'm sorry that I
wasn't clear in my original post. 

What I'm trying to reinvent (or rediscover) was the way to have flexible
indentation of the caption paragraph based on surrounding paragraph tag's
indentation. The idea is to keep the paragraph formats centralized and
minimal, rather than having to set up 5 different formats just to
accommodate figure caption indentation, or having to do manual overrides
(CTRL+M) to change the indentation for most captions to various different

I don't know if the old templates hinged upon a script or .cfg modification,
but it was detailed in a single procedure, like a job aid for the writers,
and it worked flawlessly. We only had 1 pgf tag for the fig captions, but
following "the procedure" made it behave in a dynamic manner for
indentations. It was a lot faster than doing overrides and a lot cleaner and
easier to manage from the template level and during WIP than multiple
paragraph tags (and trying to get people to learn/remember which one to use
and do all the edit markups associated therewith).

It's possible, been done before - I just can't remember HOW and was hoping
someone else out there has also done this or can point me to a script or
.cfg modification that could be used toward it...or maybe someone lurking on
this list worked at that former employer of mine and remembers more!  :-)  


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