I second this endorsement, although I offer one caveat: Some Microsoft
products do not play nice with this tool. For example, if you have
HovText on, and you try to copy the contents of a cell in Excel, it does
not copy and the cell does not even stay selected. Quite threw me the
first few times I encountered it. 

Fortunately, HovText has an option to set up your own keyboard shortcut
to turn it on and off. So, when working in Excel, I just toggle HovText
off, and all is well with the world. 

To bring it back home, though, it works marvelously well in copying text
from other products, such as Word, into FrameMaker. 


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The best option I've come across to achieve this is to use a third party
tool called Hovtext (www.hovtext.com).

Its simple, easy to use and free.  It works for all Windows apps, not
just Frame specific.  Highly recommended.


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