Congrats on making the move to content management. I'd suggest you  
"use Frame with a CMS" as replacing Frame with a CMS will not yield  
the results you likely desire.

Shopping for Content Management Systems is the focus of an upcoming  
session to be taught by tech pubs CM guru Ann Rockley at the  
Documentation and Training Conference in Vancouver.


There are a variety of CMS vendors vying for the attention fo the  
hundreds of thousands of Frame users out there. Top of my list:  
Astoria Software (as they have a top-notch component content  
management system designed for XML publishing). They also are working  
closely with Adobe to ensure their products jibe with Frame. Astoria  
is also releasing its hosted CMS (a web-based content management  
system that allows you to access the CMS and work from virtually  

There are of course others. The main players in addition to Astoria  
(in my view) are:


Each has its strengths and weaknesses. Your mileage may vary. If  
you'd like me to put you in contact with some folks at any of these  
firms, let me know. I can often bypass the front line sales people  
and get you answers you need fast.


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On Feb 2, 2007, at 11:38 AM, Elks, Loren wrote:

> Hi:
> We currently use FM 7.2 (unstructured) with embedded graphics for our
> documentation and training materials.
> We would like to move to single-sourcing.  Later this year, we are
> planning to modularize our content and then move it into some kind of
> CMS.  Our hopes are that this will enable us to not only continue to
> create the training materials now (in PDF), but also enable us to  
> create
> courses on-the-fly as needed, with already existing chunks.
> Any resources or guidance you have on selecting a CMS, moving from  
> FM to
> a CMS, using FM with a CMS would be greatly appreciated.
> Loren Elks
> Information Developer
> Exstream Software
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