Pat Christenson wrote:

When you use Ctrl-Alt-click to jump from a cross-reference to its 
source, I've always thought there was no way to jump back to the xref. 
But some time back, someone on this list posted a keyboard shortcut that 
does just that. I can't remember it and can't find it.

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The predefined key sequence is <esc>vP. That's three separate
keystrokes: the escape key, a lowercase v, and an uppercase P.

You can modify this for your installation by following the instructions
in Customizing_Frame_Products.pdf, found in the OnlineManuals directory
of your FrameMaker installation.

For example, to map it to <Alt><Left arrow>, add the following to the
end of wincmds.cfg:

    <Modify GotoPreviousView <KeySequence ~/Left > >

However, in my quick testing, the jumps back only seem to work when the
destination is in the same file. If you want to return to a location in
a different file use <Ctrl><Tab> to cycle through the open files.


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