We are a translation vendor, and the majority of technical documentation
our clients submit to us is in FrameMaker, (over half of it is still
unstructured.) We have found that when clients who do large scale
(hundreds of pages) technical documentation in Word and then migrate to
FrameMaker, they usually incur about 25-30% savings due to reduced DTP
touch up and proofing, and increased performance (e.g. opening up
documents with 75 screen captures.)

Once your translation memory is aligned to the current documents'
paragraph locations, you will be able to use common tools to determine
how much of the content does not have an exact or "fuzzy" match. You are
no doubt using TRADOS or some other popular linguistic tool; if so, your
client will not end up paying for text that is already translated.

Many of our customers do not use a full-scale content management system,
usually due to the high cost of initial investments. They have not had
to develop any special tools to mark the areas of content that have

ENLASO has given several Webinars in the past that touch what customers
can do when editing/updating FrameMaker documents to avoid causing
problems with translation. You can visit the following portion of our
website to see the list of Webinars and request access to a recording:


I hope this is helpful for you. 

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Hello Framers,

One of my customers is thinking of switching to FrameMaker for creating

and maintaining their multilingual user documentation (9 languages).

They will be having three to four updates per year, with 10 to 20%

changes in content. 

In order to keep costs down (= not having to retranslate (recycle) all

documentation), we are looking for an efficient (and cost saving)way to

handle this type of documentation.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. _______________________ 

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