My work group is attempting to make the change from unstructured to  
structured Frame, and are attempting to define our structures and  
corresponding elements. We are on Frame 7.0, and have learned just  
enough structure to be dangerous. This move is to try to get us into  
a single-sourcing environment. Eventually. We are using a new project  
for our documents, and aren't considering any legacy material for the  
time being.

I am looking for some pieces of information:

First, text inserts: The understanding is that these will follow the  
same EDD as the document(s) they are imported into. By using the  
associated formats document, different paragraph formats will then be  
applied. Is this correct? Are there any quirks/differences using text  
inserts in structured vs. unstructured?

Next, conditional text: We have found a plug-in that applies  
conditions to the elements, but it appears that this will still make  
our process very manual in the case of text inserts. Right now, the  
thought is with nested pieces, where some elements need to be hidden  
for specific information products. Is this the best (or very good)  
way to do this? Are there better alternatives?


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