As I have written on this list and others, Acrobat is not
designed such that you may have parallel installation of
multiple versions of Acrobat and or mixed installations of
Acrobat and Reader on the same system while still allowing
for full functionality of all such versions. In addition,
you may find various types of crashes and anomalies.

The proper way to handle a "test" of Acrobat 8 (for example)
when you currently have Acrobat 6 installed would be to
totally uninstall Acrobat 6, reboot, and install Acrobat 8.
If and when you wish to go "back" to Acrobat 6, totally
uninstall Acrobat 8, reboot, and fully reinstall Acrobat 6.

No, I don't think this is ideal or even good. But that's
how it works, whether you or I like it or not!  :-(

        - Dov 


        From: Yves Barbion
        Sent: Thursday, February 08, 2007 12:51 AM
        To: framers at
        Subject: OT: Acrobat 8 Trial overwrites Adobe PDF printer driver

        Hello FrameUsers,

        I had the following situation:

           1. I have Acrobat 6 Professional up and running (with some
           Enfocus plug-ins).
           2. I want to give Acrobat 8 Professional a try, so I download
           install it.
           3. During the installation, I get a warning telling me that
           version of Acrobat is already installed on my pc. Indeed,
version 6. I don't
           want to remove it, so I click the Ignore button.
           4. I play around with Acrobat 8 and discover the VERY nice
           5. Next, I try to create a new PDF file (from FrameMaker) but
I get a
           warning telling me that I have to activate Acrobat 8 first.
           6. I check my Adobe PDF printer driver instance and see that
it has
           been overwritten by Acrobat 8. Is this correct?
           7. I do want to upgrade to Acrobat 8, but later, so I still
need to be
           able to create PDF files for my daily production work.
           8. I take a chance and reinstall Acrobat 6 (Repair). Towards
the end
           of the installation procedure, I see that a new Adobe PDF
printer driver
           instance is being created.
           9. I check the Adobe PDF printer driver instance and
reconfigure its
           properties, taking into account Dov Isaacs' very helpful
           10. Everything works fine again.

        So this worked for me to have two versions of Acrobat "next to
each other"
        on the same pc, but I understand that playing around with the
Adobe PDF
        printer instance can be tricky business. Or is there a better
(safer) way to
        do this, apart from installing these trial versions on a
dedicated "trial
        pc", which you don't use for production work?

        Best regards

        Yves Barbion

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