The recent discussion of paste special and clipboards managers 
reminds me to ask a question that can't be too burning for me (or I'd 
have asked it a while ago) --

Is there a multiple clipboard utility for FrameMaker that integrates 
with Find/Change (on the Mac)?

One of the deficiencies of FM's Find/Change is that you can't search 
for a text string with specific attributes (font size, weight, etc.) 
and replace some or all occurrences of that string with another that 
has different specific attributes. At best you can search for 
occurrences of the FindString and change them to GarbageText (say 
$#%@@!) then search for GarbageText and Replace with the desired 
ChangeString. Two clipboards would avoid the need for the two-step 
process if FM could see them both for Find/Text&Format in Clipboard1 
and Change/By Pasting from Clipboard2.

Graeme Forbes

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