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>I am creating the chm using Mif2Go and also generating PDF output. Would
>expanding text work with CHMS and PDFs?

It does for CHMs (and any other HTML-based Help).  I don't know
about PDFs; check <http://www.microtype.com> for the best info
around on those.

>http://www.indoition.com/en/007.html states Mif2Go has "no built-in
>support for some advanced online-help features such as expandable

The key word there is "built-in".  The HTML Help Workshop help
file explains how to add the required HTML and JS code for
expanding sections.  Mif2Go then lets you automate the insertion 
of such code, but the generation of the code is not automatic.

For example, suppose you want to have a link:
  Click for more.
which displays this text:
  Here is a more detailed explanation.

One way would be to put in the above text in Frame with the first
paragraph format ClickLink and the second ClickText.  Then in
mif2htm.ini you'd put macros containing the required HTML code
for each paragraph type.  Or if your link text was always the same,
you could include that in the macro too, and just have the text
for the expanded part in Frame.  Or use a button.  This is why
we don't provide a "canned" method (and why Microsoft doesn't 
either); this is best designed to fit your specific needs.


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