No, grasshopper, the question you must first ask is, how long did it 
take you to learn XML?

Then when you understand how to create a DTD you can create your EDD.

Before you map the EDD you must figure out how your structure can be 
mimicked by the formatting. For formatting is a visual structuring of 
the data. Structure then start your EDD. It will be a long few weeks. 
to learn the ins and outs.

Keep it simple and elegant.


At 2:12 PM -0500 2/9/07, MATT TODD wrote:
>Congratulate me, friends! As a newbie, I just completed my first
>preliminary manual in FM without overrides or unresolved xrefs or any
>other shenanigans that I can see. Everything appears to work great. Hah!
>It's pizza for me!
>I'm working with legacy documentation created in Word and FM 7.0
>unstructured. The goal is FM 7.0 structured. As I understand it, once
>you have a clean unstructured document, the next step is EDD development
>(of which I have no clue), is that correct? Also...another dumb question
>probably...I read up on how the FM conditional text feature works, and
>it apparently will fit nicely with our documentation - but are there any
>pitfalls or difficulties to it in structured FM?
>One final structured FM difficult to learn? I have to
>admit that it looks daunting to me. How long did it take some of you to
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