Hi Penelope,

Thanks for the info. Great help.

However, when I have been using the options "Learn" and "Allow in
document", FM does not seem to "learn" it, as I always have to repeat
the action to any repetition of the same words. This is the way it has
been with 7.0 and 7.2. I don't recall any instance when it worked

Am I missing something here? Is the spellchecker heavily influenced by
locale? My computer locale is Icelandic (keyboard and other settings).
And, of course, there is no definite support for Icelandic in FM per
se, but Icelandic is only part of Latin-1. If I was writing in
Icelandic, I would suppose I had to populate an Icelandic dictionary,
but I am almost entirely writing in English.

Anyway, I will at least try to delete (or rename) the existing
dictionary file the next time I will be working on the FM and see how
it affects the whole situation.

Thanks again,


On 2/9/07, Penelope Perkins <Penelope.Perkins at synergex.com> wrote:
> Bodvar,
> I helped someone on the list with this problem a while back, and it was
> found to be a corrupt user.dct file. He renamed it, forcing Frame to
> create a new one. I think he then copied in the old content and all was
> well. (Unfortunately, I can't find my e-mail on this topic.) So, if
> there isn't some conflict between what you are asking Frame to do and
> what is currently specified in the Spelling Checker dialogue, you might
> try more drastic measures. Either move or rename the current user.dct
> file and see if Frame will create and then use a new one.
> Regards,
> Penelope
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> > I have had this error message many times but never taken the time to
> > find out, because I usually don't have the time when this happens. Any
> > help out there?
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> > Bodvar Bjorgvinsson
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