Okay, I'll rise to that bait. Nothing like a nice cheerful OT war.

I'll concede LaTeX's learning curve, and that its PDF support and font
management sucks. But it does absolutely gorgeous equations. Easily. And
it's got no bugs. And its bibliography engine is pretty cool.

It's not the tool for Neil's job, but if I was writing an equation-rich
scientific article for print, I'd choose it over FM. And I'm a long way
from being a power user (I live with one; that helps).

Just my opinion, too, of course. ;-)


>>> Steve Rickaby <srickaby at wordmongers.demon.co.uk> 02/14/07 11:55 PM
At 15:16 -0500 13/2/07, Neil Tubb wrote:

>I've been told I have to produce Readmes for several of our products in
>text files. I want to be able to control some basic look-and-feel
>though, such as column-width, and it was suggested to me to use Groff
>Latex. I've been looking into this for a bit, but can't really figure
>out. Before I spend any more time on this, does anyone have a better

Avoid LaTeX like the plague. It has a learning curve in excess of
FrameMaker's. Follows Art's advice.

TeX/LaTeX is a dinosaur wallowing in the tar-pit of 8-bit systems and
smells of musty storerooms where card-punch machines have gone to die.
It is horrendously arcane and completely rooted in the past.

Just my opinion, of course ;-)


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