At 20:21 -0800 14/2/07, Howard Rauch wrote:

>When I use the "Go to Page" in my client's manuals, the software goes to that 
>page and immediately reverts to page 1. I must repeat the process to get the 
>software to go to the desired page and stay there. Any suggestions?

This sounds like the 'scrollback' bug. Have you got any imported EPS figures in 
your docs? At the target page?

Someone (Rick, maybe?) on this group has a fix... hang on...

Rick Quatro posted this link in 2005, but it now appears to be dead:


I also found in my archives:

At 15:14 +0200 12/12/05, David Schor wrote:

>Try setting the Runaround for the offending graphic to None.
>BTW, Rick Quatro created an inexpensive plug-in for setting Runaround to None 
>throughout all graphics of a document in one shot.


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