Without delving into the mystical innards of the reference pages, the
two TOC pages aren't uncommon -- the second one would be generated if
anyone ever used the file to generate a secondary TOC for any reason.
For instance, if they wanted to include Head1 and Head2s in a primary
TOC, and maybe expand to include Head3s, Procedures, Figures, and
Tables in a secondary (TOC1).

Try it in a test book file without a TOC -- the subsequent TOCs
incrementally number themselves.


On 2/16/07, Zoe Lawson <messalina17 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Greetings,
> I've been using Frame for about 6 years now. My tech writing certificate 
> course talked us through some basics, so I can make my own templates, no 
> problem. I was a lone writer for almost 5 years, and I taught myself a lot of 
> stuff about making templates. I even tinkered with Framescript. I'm not a 
> guru (especially compared to many of the aces on this list), but I'm not a 
> novice either. (With unstructured Frame, anyway. I haven't touched 
> structured.)
> Today I was helping someone with a Frame Template because the TOC wasn't 
> generating properly. Even though it was all configured correctly on the TOC 
> Reference page, the tabs weren't coming through when you regenerated the TOC.
> Turned out there were two TOC pages, TOC and TOC1. I made the normal TOC 
> formatting changes to TOC1, and it seemed to generate fine.
> So, I've gotten it to work...but why?
> 1. How did the second TOC reference page get in there? This template uses a 
> LOT of reference pages. E.g. a lot of internal information (that you need to 
> reference) is stored in the reference pages, such as how to insert graphics, 
> document numbers, etc. Do all those reference pages 'confuse' things?
> 2. Why was Frame looking at the 2nd TOC reference page? Is there some 
> mystical setting you can only see in the MIF file that
> tells Frame which TOC reference page to use? Or does frame just read through 
> the 'flow' of the reference pages and takes whatever the last one is? How 
> does Frame know to look at TOC or TOC1 for the formatting of the TOC page? 
> Does it go by the name of the page? i.e. anything with TOC in it?
> I hope some of you gurus out there can explain it to me. I like knowing why 
> something works, so I can better understand how to use it.
> Thanks!
> Zo?
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