Hi Framers,

At the risk of sounding utterly nuts ... here goes.

As of the last week or so, I am unable to type an uppercase C in
FrameMaker's document interface.  That is, nothing happens if I press
SHIFT + C.  I've tested this enough to believe that it's a
Frame-specific issue.  Did I set up a hot key at some point?  If so I
must have done it in my sleep.

1. Frame 7.0 p 579, XP Pro.
2. I can type a lowercase c.
3. I can type an uppercase C in FrameMaker's dialog boxes such as the
paragraph designer, etc.--just not the document window.
4. I can type an uppercase C fine in Outlook, Word, Notepad, all other
5. This is all true whether I'm using my work keyboard, my home
keyboard, or my laptop keyboard.  (Haven't tried it on other machines
but no one else in my group is having this problem.)
6. I can turn on caps lock and generate a lowercase c by pressing SHIFT
+ C.  Without shift, I get nothing, just as if I were pressing SHIFT + C
without caps lock.

I've got plenty of workarounds, so it's more of an inconvenience than a
real problem, except that it's so darn weird--and I'm working on a
rystal Reports chapter, where they have to lick a lot of buttons.

Any thoughts?

Anita Maria Gutierrez
Sage Software
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Beaverton, Oregon 97006
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anita.gutierrez at sage.com

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