For many people, their IT staff get all the fun. :-)

Here is another FYI article about the computers:
Wikipedia has a slew of articles at

Here is a useful link about how it can affect your meeting schedules
around the globe:

regards, Karen Mardahl

On 2/22/07, Dov Isaacs <isaacs at> wrote:
> Unless you are running Windows 2000 (or earlier) OR
> you don't apply the Windows XP updates from Microsoft
> in a timely fashion, you don't need to do anything.
> The fix is already applied to your system in Windows XP
> and the change was built into Windows Vista.
>         - Dov
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> > From: Gillian Flato
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> > Don't know if you guys have seen this but Daylight Savings is now 3
> > weeks earlier in the US. You will have to manually reset your
> > computers.

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