EPS with transparency applied always works well if you don't mind the larger
   file size.

   --Sean Pollock
   UGS Corp.

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     Subject:  Re: Background with JPEG
     Date:  Tue, 27 Feb 2007 06:50:31 -0500
     >The short answer is "no," because (besides being a poor choice for
     >publishing use other than www) transparency isn't supported.
     >If you have Photoshop or a similar program, you can isolate the
     >background from your subject and set it to white and still use .jpg.
     >If you want true transparency, you need to pick a graphic file
     >that supports it: Photoshop's own format, GIF, or another...
     >On 2/27/07, jacquet <bobitch at hotmail.com> wrote:
     >>Hi all,
     >>when you import jpeg images (pictures of spare parts), is it
     >>possible not to
     >>have a white or greyish square background appear ?
     >>Do you import in another format or is there a trick to have the
     >>disappear ?
     >>Thank you all,
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