Knowing this is probably a repeatedly asked Q:

 Is there any sane way to produce PDFs (with functional links) from FM
7.0that have differing page sizes (most are 8 x 11, but some foldout
sheets are
11 x 17s).

The only way I've been able to do it, thus far (FM newbie) is to create two
different books (and corresponding PDFs) in both sizes, then 'stitch' them
together in Acrobat. Is there a better, smarter way?

Is this a dumb newbie issue or a FM issue?  Is it something I can do in FM
7.2 and not in 7.0?

Any / all replies appreciated. Email me at (replace space-DOT-space)  Bob
DOT Williams DOT Bristol DOT RI at Gmail.Com


Bob Williams
Bristol RI

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