Hi Paul,

You do not describe the problem extensively enough to give a final
reply on this, but from what you say I would give the following

If you add text before a manually or by rule applied master page, the
master page will not "move" with the text. However if you have a
setting in your Reference pages that applies certain master pages to a
given format tag or an element tag, updating the book or directly
"Format" > "Page Layout" > "Apply Master Pages" will reapply the
master pages at the correct locations.

Since I understand that it is the "first" master page that is the
problem, and will, seemingly arbitrarily, be assigned to any other
page, I would guess that you have the "first" master pages bound to a
paragraph (or element) tag in your Ref. pages and are (by accident?)
using this tag somewhere in the middle of the file. However the master
page is not applied automatically, you need to apply it as mentioned


Bodvar Bjorgvinsson

On 1/2/07, obair81 at comcast.net <obair81 at comcast.net> wrote:
> For the first time ever, I am finding that frame is, on its own, changing the 
> application of master pages.
> About once a day, I find that frame assigns the "first" master page to a page 
> which most definitely did have "left/right" assigned to it.
> If I re-assign the correct master page to the 5 or so "mis-assigned" pages in 
> this 60-page manual, I find that in a day or so, the master pages are changed 
> again.
> This does not happen when I save and close the file and frame, and re-open. 
> It appears to happen in the course of adding text and the manual page count 
> growing.
> This is frame 7.2.
> Thanks for any help.
> best,
> Paul

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