Hi Russ,

I just worked through the ABCM tutorials and am very happy with what I see 
so far. I think it will prove useful to many FrameMaker users. I especially 
like the ability to control it from FrameScript. Thanks for another great 

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

> Happy New Year. West Street Consulting is pleased to announce the release 
> of the ABCM plugin, a new conditional text replacement tool for structured 
> FrameMaker. With ABCM, you can use your structural attributes to denote 
> and manage conditions, providing a host of benefits such as easier 
> management of multiple, overlapping conditions, and whole file 
> conditionalization.
> ABCM is free. For more information, see:
> http://www.weststreetconsulting.com/WSC_ABCM.htm
> Thank you,
> Russ

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