A few helpful expansions on David's excellent response:

It's the Start On setting of the *following* file in the book that 
causes the behavior you describe in your "problem" files. 
If you get a blank verso page in a chapter, the second place
to look (after making sure that the current chapter is set to 
Delete Empty Pages) is the pagination properties of the
next file in the book.

Also note that the Next Available option that David mentions 
is only available from the book window. The pagination properties
you set in the individual chapter apply if you ever print that 
chapter on its own, and without the context of the book there 
is no notion of "next available".

Finally, you can set the pagination properties for a group of 
chapter files in the same operation by selecting the chapters
in the book window and then right-clicking and choosing
Pagination from the pop-up menu.

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It's very likely that in the Book, the files are defined to start on
right pages in a double-sided page setup. If this is the case, Frame
will always add a blank left page, if necessary, in order to maintain
consecutive running pages as it generates and updates the Book. In
such settings, Frame will not end a file on a right page, and then
continue the next file on a right page. It must account for a left
page, even a blank one, in between.

If you don't want any empty pages and don't care which side the files
start, set the files in the Book  to start on the "next available
page" and to "delete empty pages." Then, save the Book and reupdate


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On 1/9/07, Laura Larson <llarson at echo-inc.com> wrote:
> I have two files in a book that refuse to leave out blank even pages.
> go through and reset the pagination so that both the book and files
> match pagination and numbering settings to delete blank pages, and
> time I go to regenerate the TOC, in returns that extra blank page.
> I've gone into my master pages and tried to reapply them, I've
> reimported new page layouts from files that I know work as they are
> supposed to, and I've even copied the text (we're only talking one
> here of an introduction), and the new files takes on the same
> troublesome attributes. This is only an 25 page document, but the
> chapter files are similar to another book so I'm reluctant to put all
> the text into a single file for the sake of consistency.
> The only hint of a potential error that I get is that there may be
> something on the page about an irregular column layout.
> The specific message is that the new column layout seems to overlap
> other objects on some body pages, am I sure I want to apply the new
> column layout? and the specific page that is supposedly impacted. Even
> though I click Yes, nothing changes. I have nothing but text on the
> page, there are no residual graphics, nor residual conditional or
> text for that matter.
> Another error message that I've seen is that there is no mapping in
> reference pages for my master page. However, I would have thought that
> if there were an error in that regard that it would have been
> when I reimported my new formats from a "good" file.
> Could those vague errors be complete misdirection? Any suggestions
> be most heartening.
> Thanks!
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