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>I am creating PDF-files from structured Framemaker files.
>In the "Bookmark" section of the PDF Setup window I've selected the
>"head" elements which I want to appear as bookmarks based on their
>context label.
>So what I have in the "Include elements" section is :
>head (level 1)
>head (level 2)
>head (level 3).
>In our EDD however is defined that IndexEntry elements can be part of
>the head element.
>When I create a pdf, the text of the IndexEntry elements is inserted in
>the bookmarks along with the head text.
>Is this a known problem? Or do we have to adapt the EDD so that the
>IndexEntry elements are no longer part of the head elements?

This is a known problem in FM7.0 (fixed in 7.1/7.2).

For more info and workarounds, see 

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