At 11:35 -0500 12/1/07, Fabio Di Francesco wrote:

>First of all: how do you get the index to show all the pages that contain a
>specific marked word? Example: I've marked the word DIP switch on page 5 and
>the word also appears on pages 20, 26, and 30. When I generate the index, it
>only shows page number 5. Do you have to go through the entire document and
>mark the same words over and over again? That would seem illogical.

Fabio: you get one index entry for every index field within an index marker. 
So, for example, if you want to index 'dip switch', you place an index marker 
at every instance of the term you want to index.

If you use this text in the marker: DIP switch;Switch:DIP, and put the marker 
on pages 3, 10, 25, you index will look like this:

DIP switch 3, 10, 25
        DIP 3, 10, 25


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