Thank you for all the suggestions, the IXgen seems the way to go; I will 
certainly buy it when I can afford the exchange rate. It looks terrific.

I do not want to start a debate about concordances and low usability 
indexes, but there are certain types of documents where concordances  are 
very useful. Professional indexers have a strong antipathy to them.

Say you were indexing lengthy historical documents of one period, then a 
concordance of all proper names would then be most useful. Genealogists have 
often approached me about my published work, saying "you mentioned my 
ancestor but he/she is not in your index."

The concordance can be a powerful *second* string. One can then go through 
the document again and mark the marked entries. Multiple intelligent passes 
through the document are unavoidable.

I look forward to the time when indexing can be automated to the point where 
an 8 point font could say, indicate "mention only"; italics could indicate, 
"ref in footnote", bold main reference, etc.. I do realise this is a long 
way away.

Thanks for the answers. The learning curve is easing thanks to this 
listserv. I appreciate it a lot.

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