John Posada wrote: 

> Thanks, guys, but this seems too touchy to have 12 writers 
> implement consistantly. I'm looking for a setting that I can 
> deploy that will make everything work, and the change 
> implemented through Acrobat is closer to what I was looking for. 

The Acro setting may or may not work for a specific image. Single page
layout just ensures that the view of the doc never spans pages. If your
target (the figure caption) is in the top half or so (depending on zoom
level and screen/window size), the top edge of the page appears at the
top of the window instead of the fig. caption. But if the target is
lower on the page, the bottom edge of the page appears at the bottom of
the window, and all or part of the image itself may not appear. 

An alternative that hasn't been mentioned is using hypertext links
instead of xrefs -- but that's a much more manual solution, both to set
up and to maintain. 

Frankly, every solution other than putting the captions above the
figures is a kludge -- which is why we put captions above the figures.
Captions above make more sense anyway -- tell the reader what you're
going to show them before you show it, not after. 


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