Thanks to all on the list and the replies.  We had a problem generating PDFs
with all of the dissimilar page sizes not coming out correctly (truncated
page content on larger sized pages) and having all of the links working

Our 'fix' has been to use the Adobe PDF printer settings and Distiller in
sequence to process the Frame book out as a .PS file (with Acrobat Data) and
then generate the PDFs from Distiller.  Works fine, simple process.

What I still don't really 'get' is why, (we're using Frame 7.0) doesn't this
work correctly from Frame itself, to just print a book directly as a PDF
with all of the page sizing and link functionality working as a single
selection function?  Like 'Save Book As PDF' or something, since Frame
obviously knows the differing page sizes and the link information already?
Since we are trying to improve (streamline and simplify) our process, is
there something that I'm missing here, being somewhat 'new' to Frame?

Regards all and thanks again,

Bob Williams
Tech Pubs, LLC
Westerly RI

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