At 11:43 -0800 18/1/07, Karyn Hunt wrote:

>   I want to put a check box in front of a list of items to create a
>checklist. How can I do this in FrameMaker? My first thought was to
>substitute a box for bullets, but is that possible? And if so, how is it
>done? Or is there another way to accomplish this?

If you find that none of the Zapf Dingbats look like a checkbox, or you don't 
want 3-d checkboxes, or you don't want to mess with vertical registration, 
here's an orthogonal approach.

Set your checklist as a two column table. Turn off all ruling, and make the 
left-hand column the width of the checkbox you want. Place anchored frames in 
the left column, and use FrameMaker's graphics to draw a [plain] checkbox.

Failing that, just draw the checkboxes in an anchored frame and set it to run 
in to the paragraph on the left, and set the para's left indent to match the 
checkbox's width.

In my view this gives a checklist that is more representative of checklists 
generally than using dingbat fonts, which tend not to have plain squares 
(although I think Wingdings does).


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