Not a problem.  BTW: If you are using LCDs, screen refresh rate is not
an issue, and they don't put out much in the way of radiation other than
in the visible spectrum.  What you *should* download is the "Clear Type"
utility from Microsoft.  (It sometimes even helps with CRTs.)

Another pair of things to check -- does putting a "blocker" (I generally
use a file folder) that projects over the top of your screen like a
visor help? (sometimes they do, sometimes they don't)  Also -- when was
the last time you had your eyes checked, and if you are wearing
corrective lenses, are the for reading or computer use?  (reading are
set to work best aat about 18", while most people have their screens
about 24-36" away -- that can be a 0.25 to 0.5 diopter change (at least
it was for me), and it made a *great* difference in how tired my eyes

Finally, how clean is the air in your workspace, and how humid is it?
You mioght want to look at getting a small fan (I like the little
table-top ionic one from Sharper Image) to keep the air moving.
Blinking is alos a good thing -- are you doing it enough? (I don't know
how to make oanyone do that more often, but I've found that the fan
makes me blink at least a*bit* more often... <g>)

Good luck

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I tried other combinations, but not actually typing 'easy-on-the-eyes'.



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Just a suggestion -- have you tried googling that topic?  <g> 

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Hello everyone,

I'm currently working with two 19 inch monitors, which definitely has
it's plusses, but a suspected downside is that it's irritating my eyes.
Most of the time I spend actually staring at the screen (with no breaks)
is in Frame. Does anyone know if there's anything like an 'easy on the
eyes' visible color scheme switch? 

Some of our software is for the ye olde green screen (black background,
green text), which may be rudimentary, but definitely isn't visually



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