Hi Art...

I've done a bit of work with the FDK in conjunction with Frame  
Server. This is in an XML environment where Frame generates a PDF  
from a book of XML files or just a single file. The plugin basically  
does all of the cleanup that would typically be done by people .. the  
PDFs generated by the system are final, no further tweaking is done.  
Basically, this is the type of thing that evolves over time, and will  
have different requirements based on the type of files you're  
processing. You set up the basic system, then when you see things  
that need to be tweaked, you add the appropriate code to the plugin.

You could set up a limited system using one of the free Frame  
scripting tools available, but if you want to perform any sort of  
cleanup to the files, you'll need to use the FDK or FrameScript. If  
you do go the FDK route, you can drive it all from there (no need for  
the free scripting tools). You can use something like Miramo to drive  
the whole process and take advantage of the features that they offer,  
but even with that option, you may need to add some FDK/FrameScript  
to get things exactly as you want.

I think it really comes down to what type of data you're processing,  
how flexible you are on the quality of the output, and how much money  
you're willing to spend.


Scott Prentice
Leximation, Inc.

On Jan 22, 2007, at 6:17 AM, Art Campbell wrote:

> Hi Rick,
> Yeah, I'm pretty comfortable with the FM integration; I was actually
> looking/asking for feedback on experiences with using "FrameScript,
> Frame Developers Kit, Miramo, Patternstream, etc." to drive the
> project...
> As with most things Frame, there seems to be half a dozen ways to get
> from here to there, with different amounts of scenic routes, highway,
> and different waypoints. ;- )
> Art
> On 1/22/07, Rick Quatro wrote:
>> Hi Art,
>> As Max said, Frame Server is no different from desktop FrameMaker  
>> except for
>> the license agreement. Any integration you can do with desktop  
>> FrameMaker
>> can be done with Frame Server, including FrameScript, Frame  
>> Developers Kit,
>> Miramo, Patternstream, etc.
>> Rick Quatro
>> Carmen Publishing
>> 585-659-8267
>> www.frameexpert.com
>> > Looking at using Frame Server to automate pagination and  
>> production of
>> > boilerplate text that pretty much fills one page of a two-page
>> > instruction sheet that's packaged with different parts; content  
>> varies
>> > depending on part number.
>> >
>> > The second page would be manually produced.
>> >
>> > Output to .pdf.
>> >
>> > At the moment, there's no back end to serve the boilerplate to  
>> FS, but
>> > I understand most SQL databases will work.
>> >
>> > Any feedback on the plan or implementation would be valuable.
>> >
>> > Cheers,
>> > Art

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