Dear Framers, we have a pesky problem when compiling foreign language
HTML Help which someone out there may have resolved long since. We use
WebWorks ePublisher to generate the HTML pages from Frame documents.
These are then passed to the MS HTML Workshop for compilation. Locale is
set in the ePublisher Formats table - e.g. 'fr' for French. This setting
is passed into the <HTML> tag which starts each page. In the MS HTML
project (HHP) file, there is also a 'locale' field as well as a 'title'
field. The title as set here is the string which appears in the title
bar of the CHM browser. Now this is where it gets strange. If the locale
is left as English, the title appears (in French for example) as set in
the HHP file. If the locale is set to French, the title appears as the
default "HTML Help". Go figure. We are generating and compiling, by the
way, on a multi-language drive. Has anyone come across this glitch?


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