It can be even simpler than the procedure Richard describes.

1. Click the border of the graphic frame to select it and cut (ctrl x)
   copy (ctrl c) to place it on the clipboard.

2. With the text cursor in the paragraph where you want the anchor for
   anchored frame to be, and paste (ctrl v) the frame from the

FrameMaker will create an anchored frame with the anchoring position set
to "below current line", alignment "centered", and sized identically to
the graphic frame.  Adjust as needed.

I recommend using a separate "anchor" paragraph with no other text so
you can better control space above/space below the image/anchored frame,
but that's optional.

- Lester 
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 On Wednesday, January 24, 2007 05:26 PM, Richard Combs wrote:

| Robert Shelton wrote: 
| > I'm working with an inherited document. It has a graphics 
| > frame, which I would like to either convert to an anchored 
| > frame or place in an anchored frame so it will flow correctly 
| > with the text around it. I can't find any way to do this. 
| > What am I missing?
| 1. With the text cursor in the pgf where you want to anchor the
|    anchored frame, select Special > Anchored Frame. 
| 2. In the dialog, set the anchoring position and size (big enough
|    for your graphic frame), and click New Frame. 
| 3. Click the border of the graphics frame to select it and cut it
|    (Ctrl + x). 
| 4. Click the border of the destination anchored frame to select it
|    and paste the graphics frame (Ctrl + v). FM inserts it into the
|    anchored frame, centered horizontally and vertically. Resize the
|    anchored frame and realign the graphics frame as needed. 
| HTH!
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